Tree Services by
Qualified, Professional Arborists

Since 1991 we have provided a comprehensive range of tree services for government, private and commercial clients. Woody Woodpekers Tree Services employ a team of ten qualified Arborists in Brisbane to manage all of your vegetation needs. These services include…

  • Obligation Free Quotes in Brisbane
  • Tree Pruning & Tree Removal
  • Canopy Reduction & Lifting
  • Stump Grinding
  • Garden Mulch Sales
  • Land Clearing
  • Palm Tree Cleaning
  • Arborist Reports and DA Reporting
  • Tree and Soil Consultancy
  • 24 hr, 365 days a year Emergency Service
  • Excavator and Elevated Work Platform (EWP) or commonly known as “Cherrypicker” hire

And more, including the following specialised services:

  • Root Barriers, Fauna Spotting and Relocation, Vacuum Excavation, Vegetation/Tree Management Plans, Revegetation, Forestry Mulching and Fire Break Management

When hiring an Arborist 

  • Check for membership of professional organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture Australia Chapter (ISAAC). Such membership demonstrates the Arborist’s commitment to stay up to date on the latest techniques and information 
  • Check for ISA Arborist Certification. Certified Arborists are experienced professionals who have passed an extensive examination covering all aspects of tree care. 
  • Ask for proof of insurance. 
  • Ask for a list of references, and don’t hesitate to check them. 

Avoid using the services of any tree company that:

  • Advertises tree lopping as a service provided. Professional Arborists know that lopping is harmful to trees and is not an accepted practice. 
  • Has no knowledge of the Australian Standards for Pruning AS 4373-2007. 
  • Uses tree climbing spikes to climb trees that are being pruned. Climbing spikes can damage trees; their use should be limited to trees that are being removed. 
  • Uses words such as shaping, lopping or topping when discussing your trees. Professional Arborists do not use these terms.

For an obligation-free quote for your tree management requirements, please call us on 07 3907 0084 or email us :

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